Manual Fruit Juicer
Manual Fruit Juicer
Manual Fruit Juicer
Manual Fruit Juicer

Manual Fruit Juicer

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Make Juice INSTANTLY by Squeezing Fruits and Vegetables! Avoid a Big Cleanup with this quick and efficient juicer!

Start the new year by making healthy and refreshing fresh juice! The Manual Fruit Juicer works well with oranges, clementines, lemons, limes, pomegranates, cucumbers, celery and more. It is the perfect addition for any kitchen and bar!

DURABLE AND SAFE: The Manual Fruit Juicer is made of high-quality food-grade material, the juicer is corrosion-resistant and prevents bacterial growth.

MAXIMUM JUICE OUTPUT: Engineered and designed for easy squeezing and juicing. Squeeze your favorite fruits and vegetables without any trouble!

EASY TO USE: The V-Shaped juice spout lets you pour the juice into a glass without any spills. The ergonomic handle provides a comfortable and stable grip for easy pressing! Great for all ages, even kids and seniors!

CONVENIENT: Forget about the bulky juicer! The Manual Fruit Juicer can be stored on the countertop and takes little room, making it easy to store. 

EASY TO CLEAN: The parts are easily removable for washing, making this an ideal alternative to your traditional juicer.

    HIGH CAPACITY BOWL: The capacity of the Manual Fruit Juicer is big enough to hold a lemon, meaning slicing fruits and vegetables is not needed. Simply fill the bowl, press, and pour your freshly pressed juice!

      Product Specifications

      Size: 8.66 x 4.72 x 4.13 inches