LED Waterproof Grow Strip Lights
LED Waterproof Grow Strip Lights
LED Waterproof Grow Strip Lights
LED Waterproof Grow Strip Lights
LED Waterproof Grow Strip Lights

LED Waterproof Grow Strip Lights

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💡 LED Waterproof Grow Strip Lights provide essential light to plants, even when there's no sunlight

"These LED Waterproof Grow Strip Lights are very useful for my plants and go perfectly with my hydroponic set! The plants look so happy and growing quickly, I love it! "
- Samantha Lenor (Verified Buyer)Five Stars for Three Idiots – Chasing the Stars

Even if it's not sunny outside, your plants can still grow and get the nutrients they need! That is made possible because of the LED Waterproof Grow Strip Lights. 

Avoid the hassle of transferring your plants outside to get the sunlight they need and use the LED Waterproof Grow Strip Lights. The LED Waterproof Grow Strip Lights supplies the most efficient wavelength to enhance photosynthesis. It is suitable for all stages of plant growth, including seed, germination, growth! 


😍  IP6 WATERPROOF LEVEL: The LED Waterproof Grow Strip Lights is certified IP6 Waterproof. This makes it perfect for the Farm-At-Home Kit as it the hydroponic system will not damage the lighting. If the LED Waterproof Grow Strip Lights gets wet when you water your plants, it will still work effectively. It is also dust-proof. 

😍  INCREASE GROWTH CYCLE: When you use traditional lights on plants, the burning effect will bounce off the plant, causing it to dry up if the temperature is not up to its liking. Everything that emits harmful UV lights can cause damage to the plants, causing them to need a lot more energy and water to survive but with the LED Waterproof Grow Strip Lights, it won’t be as harsh on the plants as traditional lights and you can achieve a faster growth cycle.


😍 EASY TO INSTALL: All-in-one kit, without any other tools, you can easily install the LED Waterproof Grow Strip Lights! Simply stick the 3M adhesive onto a surface above your plants. Unlike the old pin-to-pin connection, the LED Waterproof Grow Strip Lights is equipped with a well-wired connector. 

😍 ROBUST 3M ADHESIVE DESIGN AND CUTTING DESIGN: Because of the 3M adhesive, the LED Waterproof Grow Strip Lights is easy to stick to a dry, flat surface. You can also cut it to your preferred size.


Give your plants the light and nutrients they need, even without the sun! Get the LED Waterproof Grow Strip Lights now!

Product Details: 

Package Includes: 

  • 1x LED Waterproof Grow Strip Lights 
  • 1x USB Plug

Length: 3.28 ft (1m)

Material: ABS Plastic

LED Type: SMD 5050

Voltage: DC 5V

Light Specifications: Red and Blue LED Lights

Beam Angle: 120 degrees

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