Mini Farm-At-Home Kit
Mini Farm-At-Home Kit
Mini Farm-At-Home Kit
Mini Farm-At-Home Kit
Mini Farm-At-Home Kit
Mini Farm-At-Home Kit

Mini Farm-At-Home Kit

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"  The Mini Farm-At-Home Kit is the best thing ever! I can just grow fresh herbs inside and its super easy! "
- Debra Pine (Verified Buyer)

Five Stars for Three Idiots – Chasing the Stars

Growing your own indoor can be quite tricky and a bit tiring but with the help of the Mini Farm-At-Home Kit, you can easily grow any plant or herbs with ease!

The Mini Farm-At-Home Kit is beginner-friendly! It is self-watering and self-feeding, with LED Grow Lights built-in. Those who don't have much experience on gardening can quickly have their own herb garden in no time. The Mini Farm At Home Kit has high growth success rates unlike others that are made with flimsy materials that you'll soon need to replace.


😍 100% SUSTAINABLE: Not only are store-bought herbs expensive, but they are usually wrapped in single-use packaging to keep them separated on market shelves, which contributes unnecessary plastic to landfills once disposed of. Disposing of unused herbs also contributes to an even larger food waste problem. With the help of the Mini Farm-At-Home Kit, you can minimize waste and help in making the environment a cleaner place. 

😍 EASY TO INSTALL AND USE: The Mini Farm-At-Home Kit is very easy to use! It is very beginner-friendly and does not require hard instructions to start using it.

😍  LOW MAINTANENCE: The Mini Farm-At-Home Kit can be be kept next to a window in your home where they would receive ample sunlight. They’re also great keep on your windowsill or small designated space in the kitchen. You can save alot of space while you grow out your herbs! 

😍 EXTEND GROWING SEASON: Having the Mini Farm-At-Home Kit ensures that your herbs are fresh and ready for any meal. You don't need to rely on the sun to keep your plants growing as well! This means growing season is extended and your plants can grow to the fullest. 

Don't worry if you don't have a green thumb, the Mini Farm-At-Home Kit is here to help you! Grab yours now!

Product Details:

Package Includes: 

  • 1 x Planting basin
  • 1 x LED light pole
  • 1 x Adapter
  • 1 x Planting pot
  • 1 x Manual
  • 2 x Planting medium

Power: 8.5w

Input: AC100-240V,-50/60HZ

Material: ABS+ Aluminium Alloy

LED Grow Light Count: Red (8pcs)+Blue (2pcs)+ White (8pcs)

Color temperature: 5500K

Red Light Wavelength: 660nm

Blue Light Wavelength: 460-470nm

Light Effect: full light≥75LM; white light≥90LM; red light, blue light≥20LM

Illumination angle: 90°

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