Rechargable Wireless Power Scrubber
Rechargable Wireless Power Scrubber
Rechargable Wireless Power Scrubber
Rechargable Wireless Power Scrubber

Rechargable Wireless Power Scrubber

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Save time and effort in cleaning ✔️ Remove any dirt in one go 💪

Scrubbing is tedious, time-consuming and difficult. You can get better and faster results without the grueling, manual effort that stubborn dirt usually demands by using the Rechargable Wireless Power Scrubber. 

The Rechargable Wireless Power Scrubber is an excellent solution for a cleaner home while freeing up your time and energy. Once you realize how effortless the best power scrubbers are to use, they’re hard to resist!


✔️ SAVE TIME AND EFFORT: Blast through grime for a sparkly clean every time when you use the Rechargable Wireless Power Scrubber. The motorized scrub brush does the hard work for you. Effortlessly scrub away soap scum, calcium deposits, hard water stains, built-up grime, and so much more.

✔️ 3 UNIQUE BRUSH HEADS: The Rechargable Wireless Power Scrubber has 3 unique brush heads that are interchangeable. The multipurpose dome brush is great for general cleaning. It can handle a range of tasks from scrubbing sinks to cleaning shower fixtures.

✔️ RECHARGEABLE: Charge the Rechargable Wireless Power Scrubber for 20 hours after you remove it from the box. Subsequent charges only take up to 8 hours.

✔️ 44-INCH EXTENSION ROD: Bending over or stretching to reach high places to clean is painful, the Rechargable Wireless Power Scrubber alleviates the hassle of bending over and excessive stretching with a 44-inch extension rod.

Product Details:  

Package Includes: 1x Rechargable Wireless Power Scrubber

Material: ABS Plastic

Size: 5.87 x 21.39 x 6.37 inches

Voltage: 110-240VAC  50/60HZ

Battery Capacity: 4000mA

Length of Use: 60mins 

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